Sunday, May 30, 2010

Semmoziyam TAMIL Moziyam

Yes, I just saw the video of Semmozi. When Manoj said that he has done this work, I thought it is same like as the other promotions videos. No, not at all. I dunno how many days it took to make this video. Rajiv Menon, he is the one makes every frame as the portrait image. This is video is just more than that. Hats of to GVM team . My favorite shot of the video is..

Though it flies in seconds, I just inspired the angel of the shot which covers the status of the family and it has the wow content.

Its always embarrassing to appreciate a friend's work (my opinion), so far I did the same. Even after seeing this video, if I am not appreciating his work, that misses something in the strings between us.
Lets do it. Great job Manoj.
Every frame shows your hardwork, especially I saw a different tamil nadu in this video.

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