Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bits and Pieces of Feb-8

1) I just learned that PlateSpin, leader in the P2V migration market, has been acquired by Novell. Platespin, as per my concern and everybody's an expensive product for converting the Physical Servers(mostly) to Virtual servers(VMware).

I Started working with Novell Technology as my first networking OS which provided major jobs at that time on Networking, mid of 1997. Before completing my course Microsoft's WinNT gained the market and insisted me to get to GUI based OS which is feeding me till now, Touch wood.
Here is the news about the acquistion.

2) Information technology (IT) firms appear to have lost their appeal at the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). Campus recruitment figures by major Indian and foreign IT firms have dipped this year, raising further concerns of an industry slowdown.

Firms like IBM, HCL, Hughes Software and CSC opted out of placements this year and hiring by firms like India’s largest IT services provider Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys and Wipro has dropped.
Bush, said that this is only slow down- a better political word. I know this is going to be a collapse in IT market and will take some to gain, at that time China will be the pioneer and we will fly to China for onsite. So I am packing my bags along with Chinese to Eng books.

3) JetAirways- My understanding and feedback thro friends, shows that it has good service and yes tickets are cheaper than others. AirIndia is the only flight which competes with the ticket prices obvsly not in the service. I guess, from this year onwards I may not get a chance to fly by my fav. BA.

4) Able to read more blogs thro blogkut and finding lot of friends thro blogs. Sameera is one among them who inspired me a lot in these days, she is really in enthu person. The other who is really amzing is Archana. roping them to my mind. I hope most of my CSC friends stopped blogging(seems they gotta work in these days after a decade).

5) Chinmayi- Again blogging more and rejecting my most of criticising comments. I guess, I am the only guy who criticise her for more than 3yrs of blogging tenure. Girls, never liked being suggested and criticised.. is it true?

6) Freezed the coding of BLOGKUT and concentrating more on my new venture classfieds.

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