Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Top 7 Strategies To Achieve Your Goals

1) Find out what is it that you want to achieve. Write a one-sentence definition of your goal. Work on this sentence until it is clear and to the point.
2) Read this sentence several times before falling asleep at night, and upon waking up in the morning.
3) Several times a day, visualize your goal for some minutes. In your mind's eye see your goal as achieved.
4) Stay alert and with an open mind. This will help you to become more attentive and aware of any ideas and opportunities that come your way, and which you may help you to achieve your goal.
5) Exercise your will power and self-discipline to keep your focus on the goal, and to stick to your resolve to succeed. Do not let anything distract you or make you deviate from your goal.
6) Go on, even if there are obstacles on the way or you see no progress. Those who persevere succeed.
7) Silence is power. Do not talk too much on what you want to achieve. Concentrate on doing, not on talking. Too much talking with others about your desires and goals dissipate your inner powers. Learn to concentrate and channel your energy toward achieving your goal.


Cogito said...

What happened sir, US-ku poi corporate samiyar aayitingala?

aruna said...

என்ன தமிழ் ,இங்கிலீஷ்னு அசத்துறிங்க... especially this one is extraordinary.good keep it up!

கவிதா | Kavitha said...

Excellent Tips..which am really looking for now..

5, 6 n 7 r verymuch useful to me..

Thx..a lot.


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