Tuesday, October 02, 2007

2007 Vendy Award Finalists

Thiru "Dosa Man" Kumar from NY Dosas Washington Square South and Sullivan StreetSri-Lankan style vegan fare “Thiru makes super fresh Indian food-- mixed in with his own influences from Sri Lanka. All under the constraints and philosophy of veganism. He's always exceptionally nice and professional. Everyone knows that if money is scarce, you can get a meal from him and pay later. He's a great guy, humanitarian and environmentalist all while being one of the most legit chefs in the city. And his food is cheap. I essentially survive because of Thiru.”

Veronica Julien from Veronica's KitchenFront Street and Pine Street Trinidadian/Jamaican cuisine (jerk chicken, oxtail stew, etc.) “It was an unexpected treat to find such yummy food hidden in lower Manhattan. I think it's a mother and son who are frying up the fresh cod fish cakes, delectable jerk chicken, sumptuous macaroni and cheese and perfectly flavored rice and peas. I'll be heading back for more as soon as I've worked off my first indulgence!”

Muhammed Rahman from Kwik Meal 46th Street and Sixth Avenue Bengali-spiced Middle Eastern fare (felafel, chicken, marinated lamb, shrimp) “I walk a mile in every kind of weather to get my daily helping of Kwik Meal's delicious food. The owner used to work in the kitchen at the Russian Tea Room and the quality and presentation of the food shows it. The lamb is the best - it's tender, flavorful and utterly delicious! The yogurt sauce goes above and beyond the usual and has a spicy tang to it - I wish I knew what they put in it to make it so good. When they're offering salmon, you're also in for a treat.”

Super Taco, aka "Sobre Ruedas" 96th Street and Broadway Tacos, tortas, tamales, quesadillas, etc. “I’m from California, so I grew up around taquerias. Hands down, Super Taco can match up to anything I grew up with. I close my eyes and I am 10 years old again. Try the al pastor – diced pork with pineapple. Even better is watching all those Super Taco taco-makers crammed into that truck, all working together in unison to serve up tasty goodness. They even have a bicycle delivery fleet! Excellente!”

Farez (Freddy) Zeideia, the King of Falafel and Shawarma30th Street and Broadway, Astoria Middle-eastern style street food (falafel, shawarma, chicken) "The best and cheapest meal in Astoria. Always consistently good food prepared with care. These guys are such characters that it adds just as much flavor to your meal as their secret hot sauce. They will feed you for a little cash and make you smile for free. During the big blackout they were the only place open because they had their own generator. They could have easily doubled their prices and made a killing, but they didn't. Their lines reached well around the block and they served food well into the early morning. They were just happy to serve and help so many people.”

Meet the finalists for the 2007 Vendy Awards contest for the best street food chef in NYC-Video

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