Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blogger, the Originated Story

Pyra Labs is the company who discovered/coined/invented the word Blogger and made the service a big success. That’s why most of our time is being eaten here.

Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan the founder, and the company's first product, also named 'Pyra', was a web application which would combine a project manager, contact manager, and to-do list. In 1999, while still in beta, the rudiments of Pyra were repurposed into an in-house tool which became Blogger. The service was made available to the public in August 1999, when likely fewer than 100 web logs existed. Much of this coding was done by Paul Bausch and Matthew Haughey.

Initially, Blogger was completely free and there was no revenue model. When the company's seed money dried up, the employees continued without pay for weeks or, in some cases, months; but this could not last, and eventually Williams faced a mass walk-out by everyone including co-founder Hourihan. Williams ran the company virtually alone until he was able to secure an investment by Trellix after its founder Dan Bricklin became aware of Pyra's situation. Eventually advertising-supported blogspot and Blogger Pro emerged.

In 2002, Blogger was completely re-written in order to license it to other companies, the first of which was Brazilian mega-corp Globo. I started blogging 2003(introduced by Cogito), deleted and recreated many times due to my inexperience in XML coding.

That is the time where Google started acquiring companies at 2003. As a sweep Google acquired Blogger in 2003 and become familiar to everybody. The people at Pyra Labs at the time of acquisition were Evan Williams, Jason Shellen, Steve Jenson, Rudy Winnacker, Jason Sutter, and Jason Goldman. Still I remember the day when left Blog with tears

In 2004, Evan Williams left Google. In 2006, Jason Goldman left Google.

So guys, hope you enjoyed the history of blogging.


Cogito said...

thx for the history and also for the mention.

ILA(a)இளா said...

welcome buddy

mathowie said...

Actually, I joined Pyra in spring of 2000. Paul Bausch and Ev built all the original code, the first time around.

ILA(a)இளா said...

thanks for visiting my blog mathowie. I am really surprised the guy commented to my blog who created it.


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