Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Spam - Unbelievable

Yesterday I got a mail from Cernar for some product promotion. He just referred the group name, as I am one of the member of the group I got the mail. Later When I am trying to sign for the product by providing my mail address, prompted for my mail address (options are Yahoomail, Hotmail, Gmail and....). At that I have given my yahoo account.

Next question is that to provide my Yahoo Password. I was bit surprised that How a spam mails will use my Yahoo creditials, as it has to go through a Authentication in Yahoo. Anyway I provided my password, next step was really shocking, after getting my credentials the web shown the total address in my address List.

I am bit confused after this how they are accessing Yahoo address from external sources.. if it is happening to Yahoo also for Hotmail. Very smart and professional.

So guys beware! Dont provide any password for any spam tools


gormandizer said...

neenga ellam oru system administrator.. sollikavey vetkama illa??

Cogito said...

hehe..Venkat nachnnu kelvi ketutaan ..

ass2006 said...

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