Sunday, December 25, 2005

Tsunami- 1 Year

It's been a whole one year, after the Tide waves devastated South Indian Coastal areas. This Tsunami was not only wave who had given problems, later Sea started acting differently. Continuous depressions made tamilnadu under water, 2 or more storms were really made fisherman who are all staying in Coastal areas difficult to survive on believing only Sea.

What lesion we learnt from Tsunami. We are talking about globalization in economy why can’t we talk about global environment (warming, warning) also. We can’t stop Tsunami's kind of natural devastation, however what precautionary has be taken for the future? Is Tsunami Warning system ready at least after a year? The answer is big NO. As per NDTV report people are ready to protect themselves by mentally, but Govt is not ready.

We have to be thankful for the Collectors Gagan Deep Singh especially Mr. Radha Krishnan who is delicately worked for people last year, also the people and celebrities who donated for the welfare.

Also we have to thankful to AR Rahman and Team (Hariharan, 'Drums' Sivamani, Chinmayi, Karthik) who made a simple concert in Karaikal after a Year. (No laser lighting effects, no big stage with a flashy back ground, no big speakers) it was very difficult to assume this environment for the world famous AR Rahman's concert in Karaikal-Tamil Nadu. Hats off to them.

Media only made aware of Tsunami, this year Tamil channel not even bothered that this day is the Observing Tsunami Anniversary. Only NDTV is keep on shouting and showing what is happening in Tamil Nadu. None of the Tamil channels is having a special programmed about Tsunami. Shows that people in TN forget things very fastely that is the reason why TN is always depend on the Politicians. Vazhga Tamizagam.!


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சிங். செயகுமார். said...

am paying homage for that disaster!

Cogito said...

May those souls RIP..


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