Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Whether Match will be played as it is planned? Will sachin score a century for the record? Can we get the tickets in time? What Mr. Varuna Bagvan is going to do? Who will be dropped in Place of Ganguly, Kaif or Yuvaraj or Gambir? Will Ganguly score some decent figure(RUNS) to stick into Team again? As told Mr.Pawar is against Ganguly?

Leave all those Q's: I have done a R&D(heheh Browsing only) on a important Topic. This Report is wholly my perception..

What is Dating?

It is a social engagement between two persons that often has a romantic character. The dictionary describes it so differently than what others might think of it as a chance to get to know a person better. Do different cultures have different perspectives on dating? Yes, it does since it includes teens that are young and immature. Parents tend to worry about them when they go out. But why would parents need to worry when they know where their child has gone? They worry because it always makes it hard for them to not worry. It is in our parent’s nature to worry when we go out. Should parents allow their teen to date? No, if the parent(s) think that the child needs to be more responsible and mature then it's OK for them to say no to he/she.

Every culture has different ways of dating. Even though if a teen is mature enough to date say like 18 years or older, some parents might think that dating is not proper even though they are old enough to date. In my opinion I feel that Dating is OK as long as you don't go out without telling anyone, where you are going for your date or you have responsibilities.

Teens who are immature shouldn't be allowed to date unless they can show that they are responsible for their actions. Immature teens always try to prove that they are mature and they are responsible, but the only thing they forget at that time is that one mistake can ruin their life. Some teens are mature for their age. They understand the consequences of dating. In a dating situation people are more excited and happy about what they are doing, but who knows what is really happening. Dating is both bad and good. It is Bad because you don't know what you are doing bad and end up doing something silly. Or sometimes you might not even know much about your date. In other ways it is Good because in that way you get to know who you want in your future and what kind of a guy/girl you want.

I think it is better to wait until you are old enough to think wisely. Why would you want to wait that long? Because if you wait you will be prepared on what's coming, you can think clearly while making decisions, and be responsible. It is not always the case that you should be 18 or older to date.

Being responsible and mature to date is not the only thing. You have to have respect for yourself and others around you. That is the most important thing that you would have to be careful about.

Especially after observing some teens for a long time I have come to a conclusion that teens with caring and loving family have had no problem in their dating life or neither has the parents been too worried. And the teen with working parents is more likely to start dating at a young age without adults' permission
Thanks to Prak for a long Discussion on this Topic


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U reviewing about like P.Chidambaram reviewing the economy of India. Apt topic chosen at last

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