Tuesday, September 13, 2005

SivaSamudram & Somnathpur

This is my first family trip in India. Mr.& Mrs. Ila, my brother & sister were started exactly 1 hr late as per plan.
SivaSamudram falls, located in Mandya District, Karnataka. In Karnataka the river is divided by Sivasamudram Island and drops 320 ft (98 m), forming Cauvery Falls. On the left falls is India's first Hydroelectric plant (built 1902). 2nd biggest waterfall in India. It has Two branches called Bhara Chukki, Gagana Chukki. Sivasamudram also called as SivanaSamudram or Bluff is 120 off from Bangalore. It can be reachable in 2 different paths one is via KanakaPura and another Maddur. Better to reach by own transport, public transport are not frequent also difficult to reach from Bangalore.

About Cauvery: The Cauvery, India's second most sacred river, is sometimes called the Ganges of the South. According to Hindu legend, Vishnumaya, daughter of the god Brahma, was born on earth as the child of a mortal, Kavera Muni. In order to bring beatitude for Kavera Muni, she became a river whose water would purify all sins.

After spending 2 hrs here we went to Somnathpur which is around 45 Kms away, road is horrible, where road is in between the cultivated farms, This year VarunaBagvan has given a lot of blessings to Karnataka, so farms are looks lush green, watery everywhere. Yes, Karnataka is very rich and wealthy.We reaced Somanathpur at around 3:00 pm and realised that worth in coming in a such a crap road.

Somnathpur is situated in a tiny village on the banks of the Cauvery.
The Kesava Temple was build in AD 1268, by Somanatha Dandanayak, as illustrious General of the Hoysala king Narasimha III(1254-1291AD). This temple is a perfect example of the Hoysala style of architecture. It has three sanctums on the West, south and north to Kesava, Venugopala and Janardhana, all connected. It is an orantely carved temple of magnificent craftsmanship depiciting Vishnu, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesha, Rati-Manmathan and Mahisura. The ceiling and door jambs leading to the sancrum sanctorium are exquisitely carved.lso it is mainitained well with garden and toilet, entry fee is Rs.5 foe Indians and $2 for other citizenships.

While coming back I have seen a similar kind of town of Bhavani where 2 rivers join their hands(Kooduthurai), name is Thirumakudal Narasipur. We reached with racing on Mysore road at 9:30pm. Its was a Great trip.


gormandizer said...

Hey very nice place indeed...provided there is water in Cauvery??

Does this place have any season.

Cogito said...

Great to hear abt the trip.nice pics !


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