Thursday, December 23, 2004

Indians Domination

In UK more than 10000 students left school before their 10 class. 80% of students are not interested in studying especially 1% of students are studying Physics and Chemistry in UK. Government is in the process of closing these Physics and chemistry courses in college and schools.

HardSpell, a competion was on BBC for students. Anchor will give a word(not a simple one)students have to give the spellings. Gayathri, Nisha got the 1st and 2nd place. Surprised 2 Indians(both are born and brought up in UK) got the places inspite of more than 1000 students competed for the place. Great to hear that Indians are dominating in all students programs and getting a good value here.

Hats off to those Girls.

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anne said...

hi ila..long time not see r u ila?and hw is ur sumi...? i'm really miss u, nbut u never send me email, sms or what? y u dont miss me?
try to contact me if possible i will online from my home. see u


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