Thursday, November 04, 2004


I studied Hindi in my schoolings for 4 yrs, so I can read and write Hindi. I worked in North India for 11 months, at least I would have learned Hindi at that time(thanks for Tamil guys who around me to survive there for 11 months), I didn’t learn there too. When I reached London I never think that Hindi will be casually speaking language for all Indians.

An interesting incident happend in Paris for me which really made ashamed that I don’t know Hindi, Punjabi either. Mostly Indians, are selling the Eiffel Tower key chains for 1 euro per piece, if you could bargain with them you can get 4 or 5 for 2 euros. Once I was bargaining with an Afro guy for an Eiffel Tower statue which is made up of Glass with sparkling lights for 12 euros which Afro guy demanding to us to get it for 17 euros. On that one of the India guy came with key chains and shown those chains, said something in Hindi, I got a word 5 (paanch), so I thought he is trying to sell those chains to me. I thought I am over smart and bargained with Indian guy to give 5 chains for 2 euros. He said okay and I bought it still my wife is bargaining with Afro guy, that Indian moved for 2 steps and said with other guy that" samja nahi" yaar. I was confused what he is saying, how long a guy can act that he knows the language. Finally my wife bargained for 12 euros and bought that tower statue, we were amazed that we got it for 12 euros.

Then that Indian guy came and said that statue is worth for 5 euros that is what he tried to convey to me Hindi, by the time he acted to afro guy that he selling the chains to us.

Though I felt ashamed a lot before that I don’t know Hindi, it happend in Paris too. Now I am learning Hindi with my Punjabi Landlord.

I can’t only blame on Dravida parties now for Anti-Hindi strikes during 1970's. I have to learn Hindi as usually spoken among all Indians abroad as well.


kaatss said...

Yes, hindi can be quiet useful. A 100% blame cannot rest on anti-hindi parties. Becuase they were just playing to the tunes in 60's. Now, not a single party wants to touch the subject. Was it a big hindarance to mainstream integration, Yes of course.

Languages can be mastered only when we are surrounded by it. Reading and Writing skills do not directly translate to colloquial skills. I know hindi, but thats on paper. I can read and write, unless I make a decision to talk in hindi everyday with peers, it is indeed tough to master the language.

fanaah_phantom said...

get a life guys, the north indian parties wanted to make "hindi" the ONLY official language - if it was not for the ppl who fought against it, there would NOT be any english and all the non-hindis will just be slaves to the hindi speaking ppl.

Be proud of what you are - the north indians arnt learning Tamil, are they ?


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